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Inspired by Freud's topographical model of the mind



From the series "Messengers of the UCS"

"The unconscious mind" is defined as a reservoir of feelings, thoughts, urges, and memories

outside of conscious awareness.

 The unconscious (UCS) continues to influence our behavior, even though people are unaware

of these underlying influences."

The brain is one of the last great mysteries of the human body. What do we have inside our heads, and how do we envision mental processes? Is our brain connected with our body, and how can we make sense of the world around us? Brain research is constantly delivering new insights and let us better understand the mysterious territory of the human brain. The creation of associative artworks will provide us the liberty of exploring the unknown territory of the human brain in an artistic way and will deliver us innovative ideas.


Palimpsest A3 - 2022

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