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Bië​nnale van België

​"The Plinth"

26 01 2022


'WakeUP CALL, Imagination Free'

Stakeholders for a more Human and Connected World”
Museum set-up, installation, sculptural ceramics, clockwork mechanism, alarm clocks, cotton threads, iron, air hose. 

We can’t fall back on past experiences to help us with the enormous challenges that we are facing today. Imagination is sorely needed to solve these gigantic problems. It's five to twelve and time is running out, the hours pass almost unnoticed and without mercy.

All of us are stakeholders and partners sharing the same task: to change our way of life. Finding the right words can lead to new, innovative insights. A new discourse is needed to change things bottom-up and to become aware of the power of a connected world. – Hilde NIJS
The Plinth is an unique art project by SMAK Ghent and is a monument to impermanence. It serves as a platform on which the artist is temporarily given free rein.

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